Encoding Evolutionary Waveform

I AM Avatar Yoga ~ Audio Transmission

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encodingWF copy 2A constant stream of charged solar particles in the form of accelerated waveforms are now pouring into the planet. Radiating from the Sun, these high frequency emanations are bringing light energy encodings that are literally bio-chemically transforming our bodies into a more intelligent and more loving life form. We are becoming a new species of light!

We are all being re-coded in a step-by-step process in order to withstand the more refined spectrums of electromagnetic light. This transmission acknowledges the process by consciously calling into our body the transforming solar radiation through eye gazing and self-created activation.

Programmed within us all are certain crystalline seals, that when unlocked, override the human genetic code of division and degeneration. This unsealing takes place on many layers and is directly proportionate to our level of initiation, bodily vibration, light quotient and new energetic circuitry that has been activated.

Through this audio exercise, we are greatly assisted to open a crystalline seal within the brain, awaken latent encodement and establish greater hook-up relating to the energetic wiring of our new super-human blueprint.

Sunrise yoga: This audio is best done at sunrise, outside and in a secluded space where you can look directly into the sun. (Any other time of day would harmful to the eyes. You may also do this at sunset.) If you are not able to do this outside, tune into your “inner” sun presence!

Integration: As we are being recoded, old genetic imprints are being released. Be ready for purification symptoms and needed integration.

Review this Sacred Geometry:

It is very beneficial to be familiar with these geometries before participating in this audio.

The Cosmic Cube 144 Matrix

2976This imprint of a geometric tesseract, referred to as the “Cosmic Cube 144 Matrix”, is said to be the holistic capstone in geometrizing 5-D vision. Refer to this Crop Circle Video.
Through the solar radiation, this geometrical frequency is called forth, to be imprinted upon the brain, assisting to bring connection to some of the dormant, higher dimensional circuitry within your mental body.

“The Cosmic Cube holds the schematic and blueprint to God’s Laws by building the architecture of the “City Four Square”. This represents the four planes of matter in the four quadrants of our Universe. This is also representing the four elemental bases of our raw material making up the planes of matter. These four elementals make up the main chemical constituents of our DNA code.” (Lisa Renee: Opening of a Seal)

It is said that the fusion process between the cosmos and Earth is patterned through seventy two electro-magnetic circuits. Each of these 72 cube circuits has two entry windows, which give the flat surface of the Cosmic Cube 144 entry windows.

“The Cosmic Cube represents the single most important event in Earth history. It is the New Earth matrix given to man by the Elohim. The Cosmic Cube provides the user with a brightly lit runway for takeoff from Earth to the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Winifred G. Barton: Definition of Cosmic Cube)

The Vesica Piscis

2977The Vesica Piscis is a symbol created by overlapping two spheres so that the outermost part of one edge of the sphere is in alignment with the center of the other.

In some traditions, the supreme being was represented by a sphere, the symbol of a being with no beginning and no end, continually existing, perfectly formed and profoundly symmetrical. The addition of a second sphere represented the expansion of unity into the duality of male and female, god and goddess. By overlapping, the two spheres, the god and goddess created a divine offspring.

“The Vesica Pisces image is a symbol of our unified Father/Mother God as the two major aspects of the supreme creator with the cosmic womb of creation, (the Vesica Piscis), in the center. It is the womb of creation and the source of unity consciousness. The Vesica Piscis symbol creates a pathway between the spiritual and material worlds.” (Ronna Herman
: Mystery of the Vesica Piscis)