Children of the Sun Foundation

Supporting the Movement of a New Humanity

We are a non-profit educational platform initiating conscious evolution through activities that build self empowerment through the knowledge of our innate divine nature and its boundless potential.

Our charity to Earth is to ensure the formation of a global Group Avatar, individuals who are empty of the self and one with a coherently connected Unity Consciousness. We serve for the fulfillment of the highest potential of all humanity and the evolving race.

We are ALL Children of the Sun, brilliant divine beings of love’s magnificence!

March Equinox ~ June Solstice, 2014

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  • “Children of the Sun”

    This global unity song inspires us to come together, step into the truth of who we are and bring peace and harmony on the planet.

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    I AM Avatar Yoga

    These are our popular audio transmissions and activations to give you a powerful boost into the new Divine-Human Blueprint of unity and love.

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    Consciousness Courses

    We offer holistic and spiritually based courses for personal transformation and empowerment into your greater potential.

    Online Courses

    Every New and Full Moon

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    Stay connected! Join us and help strengthen coherence in the Unified Field. It has been scientifically proven that greater levels of unity can alleviate the program of conflict and suffering on our sacred sweet Earth.

    Please participate with us every new and full moon and let’s continue to transition everyone into a new perception of Divine Reality. We are the conduits for the peace-pervading Presence of all life. We are one consciousness, one voice, one forcefield of transforming love. We are in movement and we are unstoppable!


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    We Transmit to All the World

    All visions and acts of energy transference unify as One.
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    A 24-Hour Transmission Period

    With synchronized meditation at
    8 pm in all time zones.
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    Receive Personal Healing Support

    Our Transmission Team helps to shift unwanted energy.
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    Powerful Audio Support

    We offer mp3 audio transmissions in support.
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