The Unity Matrix

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Our New Foundation for Conscious Living

According to the cutting-edge scientific theory of quantum physics, there is a direct relationship between our physical reality and an energy field known as the Unified Field or “field of possibility”. This field is affected when focused thought and feeling intention is projected onto it. The Unity Matrix is the means of sending these thoughts and intentions.

“Unity Matrix” is the term used to describe the complex grid-like pathway or matrix of high-frequency energy transference that is part of the Earth’s energy field. Much like a telecommunications system, its energy travels from one “power cell” of consciousness to another. Examples of these power cells are mountains, pyramids and vortexes, places on the Earth with high-energy concentration.

When individuals or groups consciously connect with the matrix, it’s like making a phone call. Your phone connects you to the power cell and allows communication to take place. On the Unity Matrix, these “calls” are acts of intended energy transference. Instead of talking, one thinks and feels from the purity of heart intention. In so doing, profound changes can be manifested.

The Purpose and Key Features

The Unity Matrix is a pathway of communication and energy transfer. This worldwide energetic web, can be viewed as a transitory bridge, leading us from one grid of consciousness to another.

Its purpose is to support the planetary evolution of consciousness leading us away from the program of separation and into a truer reality of union, harmony and goodwill towards all life.

Collective unified intention through meditative focus is the most potent transformation tool that is being encouraged through this influential program.

Key Features of The Unity Matrix

  • *  It is our new foundation for conscious living.
  • *  It is a bridge between conscious perceptions…from limitation to a life without limits.
  • *  It is a massive spiritual “telecommunications system” and information highway.
  • *  It connects the higher consciousness of humans all over the world.
  • *  It brings love, healing, balance and stabilization to our lives.
  • *  It helps expand our conscious perceptions

The Unified Field

ufThe Unified Field, is a scientifically proven intelligent field of energy that permeates and connects everything in the world and universe.  We, ourselves, are part of this vast dynamic field of interconnectivity and energy exchange.

It is an unseen energy source, multidimensional in nature, and permeating all space. It is above and around our planetary body, in the atmosphere, near the ground and reaches deep into the very core of our Earth. It connects human consciousness and even bridges our planet with the universe.

The Unity Matrix gives the Unified Field its form. It is likened to the meridian pathways of the human body through which electrical impulses travel from point to point throughout the entire nervous system.

In acupuncture, the use of needles communicates the intent and sensation to create positive change in the energy flow of the nerve meridians. Likewise, thought and feeling intention by individuals and groups sent into the Unity Matrix create change in the nature and flow of information transferred within the Unified Field.

Earth Energy Connection

Earth’s energy fields, magnetic grids and places referred to as sacred sites, stabilize the Unity Matrix. These sites are repositories of subtle energies that have a corresponding effect on an individual’s state of awareness. They serve as magnetic nodes where intimacy with spiritual energy can more easily be experienced.

These physical sites often hold a highly concentrated level of crystal energy in the Earth, and emit a high vibrational field that supports our evolving consciousness.

Machu Picchu (Peru)For example, Mt. Shasta in the USA, the Pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge in the UK and Machu Picchu in Peru are four of thousands of other places upon Earth serving in this way.

We, as the human channels of this matrix, can direct tremendous amounts of pure energy to certain people, places and events. We can also be charged and recharged with endless energy as we connect into the Unity Matrix and go about our responsibilities in the outer world.

By synchronizing our thoughts and heart intentions with the Unity Matrix, the resultant effect is a harmonic frequency that coheres our collective higher light into one forcefield. Imagine the power!

By connecting to the Unity Matrix often, we can make profound and accelerated positive impact in our own lives and that of the collective consciousness of humanity.

Important Scientific Findings

Supporting the Mission of Children of the Sun Foundation

See some of the scientific facts that directly relate to and support our program activities. They have given us a great boost of inspiration to our forward momentum as we now take our message out to assist awakening Humanity.

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