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There is a Prosperity Code in every person that, when activated, hands over the papers to our divine inheritance, free and clear. Embodying and radiating this code is more important than the current method of monetary exchange or any new system developed around it.

It is in Divine Principle, along with the understanding of how energy truly flows, that awakens the code of prosperity within us. This is the fundamental solution to permanently shifting a discouraging financial situation into one of a boundless reality.

This program is a self motivation course of study to help you remember some of the main principles to realizing the prosperous Self, your true abiding nature. The articles and invocations are provided free of cost.


Prosperity Invocations

Activating the Prosperity Code
Removing the Barriers to Prosperity
Developing Divine Intimacy
Remembering Divine Principle
Shifting to the Greater Will
Activating the Group Prosperity Code

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Initiate U ~ Online Courses Supporting Prosperity

This prosperity activation centers upon the living of life through Divine Principle. The Foundation offers two e-courses that greatly assist in this understanding and how to get there.


The Rites of Passage

This 12-week program of initiation masterfully
guides you into expanded states of perception.
It features 12 highly activating transmissions
that transfer divinity codes to awaken Soul
remembrance of who you really are.

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Breaking the Bonds of Duality

The purpose of this 4-week program is to free
you from limiting 3D grid structures, activate
your soul gifts, and increase your power to
implement them in the world so that you can
joyfully live your highest awakened potential!

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