Bridging a New Humanity

bridging a new humanity

We assist others through the evolutionary passage into the New Earth harmonic.

541241_228398260593987_1896023551_nA Planetary Consciousness Shift

We, as a collective humanity, have entered into a tremendous phase of transformation on our planet, which profoundly influences the way we see our world and ourselves.

This is a global consciousness shift that is characterized by the purification of our selfish ways and separatist views. It is giving way to a new paradigm of unity, peace and goodwill to all.

The sense of duality perception that has taken humanity down the path of separation from Source energy, is no longer the necessary experience in the forward evolution of our planetary home. In truth, there is no separation between our Creator and us nor is there separation between each other.

We are one global family. Our life paths are now uniting to co-create a new Earth harmonic which regards the equality of all people, countries, races and religions.

All humans are created in equal magnificence as radiant divine expressions of God, or the universal creative force. As extensions of our Creator, we are born of the light, and this supreme universal light is within us all. All power is within, all answers are within, and what we seek is within.

In this glorious awakening to truth, we are transitioning from all dominant, materialistic and fear-based realities to experience a much greater potential and creative expression. From the purity of heart intention and authentic humility, we are reclaiming our personal power by embracing the spirit of unification and the interconnectivity of all things.

We are magnificent creative beings of love and instruments of the Divine Presence. We are here to co-create, together, a new planetary reality of loving kindness towards all life.

Key Understandings of our Mission Supporting a New Humanity

We are Building Global Coherence

Coherence implies harmony, interconnectivity and stabilized order, where the whole is greater and more efficient than the sum of its parts. In global coherence, we are referring to a harmonious and stable alignment of relationships that allows for the efficient use of energy and communication for action with a common purpose. With coherence, we are free to do our individual part while adhering to the unified vision of the whole.

We are Assisting the Planetary Consciousness Shift

The shift that the human race is currently undergoing is based on a change of consciousness perception that is in absolute acceptance to the divinity inherent in all things and the interconnectivity of all life. As we undergo the required evolutionary initiations to alleviate separating tendencies, our vibratory frequency increases to a level of resonance that resides in another perceptual awareness.

We focus on Divinity and Divine Immanence

“Divine” pertains to or proceeds from a state of perfection, supreme beauty and goodness. This is magnificence and excellence in the highest degree. Divinity is the state of being Divine, the inherent nature of every single person and living thing. Divine Immanence refers to our innate divine nature as magnificent beings of pure awareness. The Divine Presence is within us and is who we really are as a totality of consciousness. We are divinity in the form having a human experience.

Divine Presence is a Universal Expression

This refers to the interpenetration of the supreme, all-pervading, intelligent and loving force of benevolent energy within and throughout all manifested creation. The Divine Presence is our source of life. It is referred to by many names including: the Great Spirit, God, the Field, the Creator, Brahma, Allah, Hu, I AM that I AM.

Our Mission is Merged with a Worldwide Goodwill Movement

We are referring to an attitude of basic goodness, kindness, friendliness, benevolence and the sincere willingness to help and cooperate with others. It is through the cultivation of a collective attitude of Goodwill that planetary peace efforts may be assisted. When the majority of people are being rapidly oriented towards “good”, a will to do good arises.

We Focus upon the Process of Spiritual Initiation

Initiation is an organic, gradual expansion of consciousness, a process of Soul evolution in which successive stages of unification take place. This involves the relinquishing of all separated reactions in a series of progressive renunciations to achieve reunification with our Source. All people, no matter their religious or spiritual choices, are on a path of spiritual initiation. As a life practice, spiritual initiation and its resultant transformation of consciousness can be quickened with our attention focused upon it.

We Gather in the Unified Field

The Unified Field is the basic underlying and uniting force of the universe and the single most catalytic force in propelling the planetary consciousness shift. It is a scientifically proven intelligent field of energy, multidimensional in nature, that permeates all space connecting human consciousness with all life. It energetically bridges our planet with the cosmos

We Celebrate from Unity Consciousness

This state of awareness no longer perceives from a lens of duality and negative judgement but sees and understands the beauty and perfection in all things. Unity Consciousness understands the oneness of all life and neutrally observes from a state of peaceful compassion and non-judgmental love. It regards the equality of all beings.

Our Bridge into a New Life Reality is the Unity Consciousness Matrix

The Unity Matrix, also referred to as the Planetary Grid of Light, is a pathway of energy that connects the higher consciousness of humans all over the world. It serves as a transitory bridge, evolving the human race into expanded levels of conscious perception. The purpose of this energetic lattice is to help raise the collective consciousness from the program of separation, conflict and suffering and into a truer reality of unity and harmony with all life.