The Middle East Transmissions

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Begins at the Equinox

September 23
September 28
October 5
October 12

8pm across all world time zones

Registration ~ 3 Easy Steps

This is a penetrating campaign to empower the land and the people of the Middle East to rebuild their life force so that the entire energetic system can be re-trained to reject the dis-ease of conflict that has plagued this entire area for centuries.

We will deliver 4 highly potent energetic transferences, likened to a walloping love vaccine, purposed to trigger eradication of the hate empowered virus and its contagious influence. Read full details >>

1. Know the Roles

Country Sponsor, Water Purifier
Matrix Stabilizer – Etherial Space
Matrix Stabilizer – Earth Interior
Go here to see the roles

2. Choose a Region

Click on a colored area of the map to
read a summary of the infected region
and your transmitter role.

3. Register Below Map

Go below the map and register.
After registration, you will receive
further instructions and the guided
AUDIO for each transmitter role.

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