Can I download from my mobile or iPad?

Many people have challenges downloading to the iPad and mobile phones.

The iPad is not able to download files easily because it was not developed to be a storage device.

To be able to download any type of file, you will need to first install a special App.

iPad app review

You can always download the file on to your computer first and then transfer the file over.

ALWAYS download the file from the “Payment Receipt” that comes into your email.

These are very large files. They are meant to be downloaded and saved, not streamed from your device.








Problems with audio playback?

Problems with audio playback?

If the audio stops and starts or loops, this generally means that you are trying to stream the audio file from a mobile device or iPad.

These audios are not to be streamed from our website.  They should be downloaded (saved) to your PC or Mac and then imported onto your media player.

They can be imported to devices via USB cable, Bluetooth, iCloud and Dropbox.

Where is my course?

If you have purchased a course, a welcome email with the course access link will be sent to you. This is done usually within 24 hours of the purchase.

Where is the audio file?

It is located in our “Payment Receipt” that comes to your email after the donation is made.

If you do not see this receipt, check your spam and/or junk mail folder. If it is in there, un-click it as junk so that this does not happen again.



Why doesn’t my credit card work?

If you have challenge with the system accepting your card, double check these steps….

1. Make sure that you do not add spaces in between the 12 digits of the card.

2. Fill in the verification code on the back of the card. If you are using American Express, this code is on the front on the card.

3. Keep your address the same as is associated with the card.

4. If these things do not work, maybe your card has expired or is invalid. Please check with your bank.

How do I download the mp3?

Always download the audio file from the Payment Receipt that comes into your email.

Due to the exquisite nature of the audio transmission, these are not files meant to be streamed from our website.

To receive the maximum benefit, please download them on to your computer and transfer to a music player. Then, listen with headphones.

With computers, ipads and mobile technology, there are many ways to download the file. Try double clicking on the file link. If you have a mouse or mouse pad, here are some download suggestions for different browsers:

Download via Mac:
Using Mozilla FireFox: Control/Right click – Save link as
Using Safari: Control/Right or left click – Download linked file as
Using Google Chrome: Control/Right or left click – Save link as
or – Option/left click – starts immediate download

Download via PC
Using Internet Explorer: Control/Right click – Save target as
Using Mozilla FireFox: Control/Right click – Save link as
Using Google Chrome: Control/Right click – Save link as

Choose to “save as” to your desktop. Make sure you get the full file.

These are large files! If there is a bleep in your internet connection, this might interfere with your download and you may need to do it again.