Initiating Conscious Evolution

conscious evolution

Humanity is waking up
entering into the temple of initiation.

The educational platform of Children of the Sun Foundation brings awareness to spiritual awakening and the processes of related initiation so that we may better understand our many life shifts and experiential reflections.

The profound changes that many of us are experiencing are essentially the result of initiation’s path. Initiation comes naturally to any person who is expressing the desire to expand their consciousness, to learn, to change, to grow, and to understand life more fully.

Initiation is an organic, gradual expansion of consciousness, a process of Soul evolution in which successive stages of unification take place.

This involves the relinquishing of separated reactions in a series of progressive renunciations. The purpose of initiation is to achieve unity in diversity and ultimately, reunification with our inherent divine nature to become whole once again.

Initiation brings us to a new level of consciousness that is experienced as a result of right thought, right action and resulting service to others. Goodness of character is the outcome through a great purification of our human nature as we stabilize our physical, emotional and mental body.

There are many developing skills associated with various stages of our development as a result of the expansion of our personal energy field. This includes extra sense perceptions and the ability to create and manifest through thought alone.

Our daily life is the backdrop of initiation, which serves as a mirror to the gradual mastering of the Self.

Our entire life situation, both the challenges and the more positive experiences, is always reflecting where we are holding our consciousness. Our thoughts and feelings create our reality.

Initiation is deeply personal. We each undergo initiatory development in unique and different ways. No two people are the same. Moreover, the process of initiation is always in a cycle of perfecting no matter what stage we are accomplishing.

As a life practice, spiritual initiation and its resultant transformation of consciousness can be quickened with our attention focused upon it.