Global Goodwill Initiative

Global Goodwill Initiative

When the majority of people on Earth are being rapidly oriented
towards “good”, a will to do good arises in the collective consciousness.

Goodwill is a program for planetary peace.

This is a required preliminary agent to the consciousness transformation, en masse and is birthing an era of lasting peace.

When the majority of people on Earth are being rapidly oriented towards “good”, a will to do good arises in the collective consciousness. As a result, the reality of suffering will eventually disappear. Terrorism, crimes, disease, poverty, famine and the plethora of greed and separation-inspired creations will continue to dissolve in the face of goodwill and global cooperation.

Our collective intention as evolutionary leaders is to continue to spawn a worldwide spiritual revelation resulting in a greater goodwill movement, amongst all nations, all people, from every level and walk of life.

It is through the worldwide cultivation of the attitude of goodwill that is assisting our efforts to actualize lasting planetary peace.


To shift the reflection of war, disease and sufferings of all types, human perceptions must undergo significant change in order to reflect a different reality.

Goodwill creates a pathway between more evolved conscious realities and human life, building an expanding channel for the inflow of transforming energy. People everywhere carry the urge to a general betterment and can be easily reached through the practicality of this uplifting message.

As greater numbers of the  world’s populace begins to experience the dissolution of the lure of selfish pursuits, this goodwill program will eventually infiltrate the hearts and minds of groups, religious institutions, corporations and societal systems resulting in the most authentic transformation of global consciousness we have yet to witness.

This consummate force of goodwill flowing through the minds of people everywhere, will gradually consume all barriers of separation and hatred, revealing the factual truth of equality and the One Humanity, as an interconnected whole.

One person sincerely practicing goodwill in a circle of family and friends can completely change attitudes. Goodwill practiced among groups in any nation, by political and religious parties in any nation and among nations can revolutionize the world.


Global Goodwill Initiative

A Key to Planetary Peace

Goodwill serves the greater good of all.

Goodwill calls for practical and intelligent effort.

Goodwill cooperates with many types of minds.

Goodwill embraces all forms of authority and government.

Goodwill is not for or against any group or form of control.

Goodwill is harmonious, peaceful and kind.

Goodwill delivers a message of positive harmlessness in all forms.

Goodwill claims no special membership.

Goodwill calls for a humble and loving attitude towards all life.

Goodwill is simple and practical.

Goodwill is highly contagious.