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Support Spiritual Activism
and the Movement of a New Humanity

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We are a non-profit educational platform assisting global transformation through activities that build self empowerment through the knowledge of our innate divine nature and its invincible potential. Our presence as a global campaigner promotes unity-building programs that engage group energy transference on mass scale.

You are contributing to a powerful movement of Spiritual Activism. Your monetary gift gives us the ability to launch far-reaching and deeply impacting campaigns in response to escalating world need.

We utilize a dedicated global network of transformation facilitators and unity builders. Our greatest asset is the ability to catalyze positive change through mass energy transference.

* Planetary Coherence Transmissions  *  World Water Day  * Middle East Transmissions * Activating Global Prosperity  * Assistance to the Global Financial Sector  * Calming the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis  * Peace Transmissions in Syria and Egypt  * Mass Healing Transmissions  * The Unity Transmissions  * The Rites of Passage

We rely entirely on public support. We have a very small but mighty virtual team that handles the enormous behind the scenes work to ensure that all donations are put to the best use.

Please stand with us and assist in the movement of a new humanity.

All contributions are tax deductible in the USA. Our operating number is 27-0315891.