The United Nations Conference on Climate Change
Paris, France

November 30 ~ December 11

Let’s open the portals of light to insure that an intelligent climate agreement is reached that greatly benefits our transitioning world!

We are calling for intervening support to overlight and protect the UN’s 2015 Climate Change Conference and all people, governments and countries who are directly influencing its most positive outcome. Send your light of grace to the negotiation process and help empower the minds of everyone involved with ideas for sustainable solutions that are fundamental to lasting peace and financial justice.

This is a 14-minute transmission that you can do at any time of the Climate Conference dates. The sooner the better.

Live stream from your computer, phone or tablet.
or, you can Download the MP3 here.

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The Invocation for Divine Intervention

Beloved Divine Presence and Great Spirit of all life, we call into dynamic action the consummate force of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and the power of your Will.

Bring to us now a great surge of intervening support to assist and protect the United Nations 2015 Climate Change Conference and all people, governments and countries who are involved and influenced by its most positive outcome.

* We call forth and give thanks to the fields of consciousness that are directing the cosmic light intelligence to the Earth and those that are inspiring the highest levels of coherent, sustainable ‘new’ creation.

* We invoke and give thanks to the support of the star nations of light who are greatly supporting and overseeing Earth evolution.

* We call into our activity and give our deepest love to the consciousness of the Earth, elemental nature and the Unified Field.

* We also give gratitude to our planetary Sun and its transforming solar radiation.

(Please take a few moments now and call in your own spiritual guides to this Climate Summit.)

Dear Holy Ones with us now… by and through the redeeming power of Unity Consciousness, we call forth immediate Intervention from the realms of universal truth to assist our planetary climate changes and in accordance with the highest good of the Earth and all Humanity.

We ask that the mightiest purification be made possible that releases and transforms any and all corruption, scandals and misinformation about our climate situation.


Divine Presence and assisting angels, COME! COME! COME! Open the portals of light over the Paris 2015 Climate Conference.

Penetrate the light of truth, clarity and wisdom into the minds of all participating governments, climate strategists, scientists, negotiators and decision makers.

Raise the power of the conference group will with inspiration to reach an effective and intelligent climate agreement, one that builds a sound framework for low-carbon societies and sustainable livelihoods.

Bring the light of grace to the negotiation process. Empower the minds and hearts of everyone involved with ideas for sustainable solutions that are fundamental to lasting peace and financial justice.

May these solutions enable all countries of the world to quickly enter into and adapt to renewable forms of energy and cleaner, more resilient economies.

Thank you beloved Divine Presence for showing us how to create, coordinate and implement these solutions on world scale.


Visualize now the portals of light opening over United Nations 2015 Conference on Climate Change in Paris… with all of this Divine Intervention now streaming in.


We will now project ourselves as a beacon of light into the conference.

Send your light of love now….


We are simply projecting and building the field of coherent love as a way to support a successful outcome… and our vision realized for a sustainable Earth.


May this focus of Divine Light and its containing matrix be made imperishable… eternally sustained, all powerfully active and ever expanding… until the Divine Plan is fulfilled for the Earth in accordance with the greatest good of all.

We seal this activity in Cosmic Peace.


Almighty I AM.
Almighty I AM.
Almighty I AM.