goodwill movement

We are all Children of the Sun…
Brilliant Beings of Love’s Magnificence!

We are a non-profit public foundation initiating conscious evolution through activities that build unity and global coherence. Our programs are helping to catalyze a worldwide Goodwill Movement to shift mass perception into a worldwide reflection of global peace and cooperation amongst all people, in every level and walk of life.

Our mission of simplicity and goodness is to help everyone remember and to live our inherent divinity from the intimacy of inner experience and feeling. We embrace all pathways that lead to love and the truth of the Divine Presence within as our inherent nature and power.

Bridging a New Humanity

Hand in hand, we are walking across
the evolutionary bridge together into
a new era of unity and boundless
potential.  more »

Initiating Conscious Evolution

Our programs help to shift
perception and bring understanding
to spiritual initiation and its resultant
transformation.  more »

Building Global Coherence

We are empowering an influential
forcefield of energy and a new system
of consciousness exchange in the
Unified Field.  more »

of Goodwill

We assist everyone to make positive
transition into a new life reality
based upon universal love, unity
and goodwill.  more »

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